Posted by: BenLR | July 29, 2013

Data model update


Until now, the Xively service has been providing a RESTful API for collection, storage and getting of data from the HiveSense device. Due to its limited flexibility, the latest HiveSense application now uses a custom-built API.

This has been developed on the Node.js platform, using Azure Table Storage as the database. Node provides full server back-end capabilities, so all such activity (e.g. emailing the beekeeper when his hive moves) is now run here. All this software is hosted on an Azure Website, and is deployed automatically from the latest Github repository.

Other developments

On the GUI side, most of the previously-only-templated features have now been properly implemented, but the application remains purely a prototype: it is there to demonstrate how the front-end will look rather than how the system will be operated by the beekeeper.

The Gadgeteer device that provides the data almost had a functioning load sensor (intended for measuring the mass of the beehive), but technical problems continue to cause problems so this is still unimplemented. On a positive note, all sensors and the mainboard are now mounted on a plastic plate so it looks a bit cleaner.


Five weeks remain of this current project run at UCL. Two of these will be taken up by report writing so the plan for the remaining three is as follows:

  • Complete implementation according to beekeeper requirements
  • System testing
  • Code refactoring and system documentation




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