Posted by: BenLR | July 8, 2013


A web application front-end for the monitoring system has been under development and a very rough prototype is ready for preview.

The application is hosted on Windows Azure, but there is currently no server-side logic – that is the next step to allow further development of the GUI.

For simplicity, the code for the web application is hosted on GitHub. Azure is set up so that it can directly pull changes from GitHub and thus update the application as soon as remote commits are made.

Requirements for the GUI will be gathered this week and implemented over the coming month; please contact if you have any suggestions for how to make the application as useful as possible to bee keepers.

In case the website breaks

In case the website breaks, here’s the dashboard for version 0

Other Developments

Hardware for measuring the hive weight has arrived so hopefully that will be up-and-running in the next week or so.

Microphone hardware (for purposes of bee-sound detection) has also arrived, but progress may be slow on that.


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