Posted by: BenLR | June 20, 2013


Version one of the latest hive sense system is currently being built in the labs at UCL for an MSc project.

The progress as of 20th June is as follows


  • Temperature (in and out of hive)
  • Hive humidity
  • Hive light level
  • External camera (for the hive entrance)
  • Accelerometer – hive movement detection
  • SD card to save the sensor data
  • Wifi transmitter – send the live data to the web


Testing is currently being done under laboratory conditions at UCL, but hopefully a field test will be conducted soon to test the system with a live beehive.

Update, 24th June

  • All data is saved to a permanent log file on an SD card (if present) – this is so beeks will have easy access to their full hive data when internet connectivity is impossible.
  • Temporary data is saved to SD when wifi connectivity is lost having being initially established, then pushed to the web when connectivity is restored.
  • Settings retrieved from SD card (xml file) if present – this makes it much easier to configure e.g. wifi settings and the update rate, without having to reprogram the device.
  • Stability improvements – device auto-restarts every hour to account for possible freezes – this has been tested and the device has run smoothly for a full afternoon.


The aim is to get a front-end ready for viewing the data and processing/sending alerts based on sensor thresholds being breached.

Then, consider how best to deploy the device in terms of power, casing, wifi management etc.

Finally, more sensors will be built and added to the system – the main priority will be a mass sensor to detect honey stores, bee population, swarming and such.




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